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Founder and Editor-in-Chief



Hollie Bardgett is a 27 year old living in the Lake District, UK. She has a rare bone condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, has had Scoliosis surgery and is also severely sight impaired.

She graduated in 2021 with a Creative Writing degree and decided to found Wishbone Words. Her life is dedicated to bringing more inclusivity to creativity and raising awareness for rare conditions and invisible disabilities. She hopes to be published herself someday but is thrilled she is able to give others a home for their brilliance.


Managing Editor



Noelle is an artist, writer, and content creator living in Pennsylvania, USA. She has been working with Team Wishbone since the summer of 2022.

Please visit her website to view her published pieces.

Noelle lives with various chronic conditions such as Gastroparesis and POTS. She runs an Etsy shop under the name Nowhalle and sells products to raise awareness and acceptance for those who are disabled and/or living with a chronic condition. She makes YouTube videos under the same name. Noelle is a lover of space (both outer and personal), an avid Doctor Who fan, and aspires to own goats one day.

Noelle is a lover of space (both outer and personal), an avid Doctor Who fan, and aspires to own goats one day.

Editing Team


Head Prose Editor


Eli is a 24-year old writer, poet, and seamstress from Annapolis, MD, and living in Brooklyn, NY.

She loves writing fantasy and horror about being queer and mentally ill, and is currently working on a novel about weird mermaids. 

She is a late-diagnosed Autistic with ADHD and Generalized Anxiety, as well as chronic migraines. Navigating life is a challenge, but one she is getting better at every day.

She is obsessed with Nintendo Games, especially The Legend of Zelda, laughing at bad horror movies, and any crafts that involve a sewing needle.


Assistant Prose Editor


Carly is a 23-year-old graduate student at George Washington University and a media enthusiast from Florida. She has spent the last eight years learning to navigate living with POTS, Asthma, Gastroparesis, Food Intolerances, and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder.

She is an avid advocate for disability representation in media. She aspires to work in children’s fiction, where she will bring more disabled voices to the page. She has worked on The Cypress Dome and Imprint Magazine.

Carly is a hobby collector, including crocheting, making trinkets, and fangirl activities. She loves her mini zoo— home to three rats, two cats, three fish, and one leopard gecko.


Assistant Prose Editor


Dani is a chronically ill writer living with several diagnoses (dysautonomia, hashimoto’s, and more). She’s been working as an assistant prose editor at Wishbone Words since 2023.

After earning her Master of Arts in Transnational Creative Writing from Stockholm University, she has published several nonfiction pieces, poems and articles in various magazines, both in English and Italian. Her thesis on disability bias signed the beginning of her passionate fight for fair disability representation in the media, which she carries on on her Instagram page.

Being a knowledge seeker, she loves studying languages and cultures, but she’s also unapologetically addicted to Asian dramas and music.


Head Poetry Editor


Zoey (she/her) is a writer from Pennsylvania, USA and graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing program at Long Island University.

She was diagnosed with ADHD in 2021, which made everything up until that point make more sense! When not doing Wishbone business, she is usually playing RPGs/life sims, drawing, picking up a new hobby for the hundredth time, or practicing Dance Dance Revolution. She loves all animals, but especially loves her darling cat, Percy.


Assistant Poetry Editor


Kitty is a neurodivergent writer, writing tutor, editor, and content creator. She lives with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and several comorbid conditions including POTS and endometriosis. Her experience with chronic illness informs the subject matter of her work and has taught her to view communication and self-expression as human rights rather than skills to be mastered. She loves hiking and rockhounding and spends most of her free time reading, exercising, making art and cooking. Lastly, she’s a total cinephile and enjoys every aspect of media production.


Assistant Poetry Editor


Gen is a 44 year-old, French Canadian writer who lives in Ontario, Canada. She has been writing since 2021 and has 19 published pieces in various online venues. She has a Bachelors degree in psychology at Concordia University in Montreal. She has earned a certificate in copyediting at Queens University and has been proofreading litmags for 4 years now.

She lives with celiac disease, colitis, rotiscoliosis, and hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Her children also live with hEDS and its commorbidities.

Gen also loves to help writers on their writing journey. She is currently in the revising stage of a YA Adventure novel she hopes to publish next year.

Magazine Design Team


Magazine Designer


When Rohbyn’s health took a major downturn they began to write poetry in order to come to terms with ‘losing’ themself. Now, 3 years later, living in a little Derbyshire village bungalow (affectionately known as “The Bungy”) Rohbyn is able to begin a process of healing from their diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder, sudden awareness of a Dissociative Disorder, and end of an abusive relationship.

Rohbyn occupies The Bungy with their two tabby cats, has created a meditation room, and is looking forward to starting a future career in magazine design (inspired by Wishbone Words and Scribbles).


Magazine Design Assistant


Iman (she/they) is a 23-year old chronically ill creative living in the USA. Iman lives with many chronic conditions including Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, chronic migraine, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Art therapy brings comfort and joy through their pain. Iman is a Disabled dancer and writer. A softheartist if you will. Being a deep feeler, their creations delve into topics of belonging, feeling at home in the body, and her journey through healing. The arts have always been her outlet to release and express her emotions. Disability has only deepened and enriched that experience. Being of south Asian descent they love to connect with people from other cultures that are often forgotten in conversations including with disability. She is the founder of the Dear Disabled community on social media! Passionate about making connections through our differences.

Iman has followed Wishbones Words journey since the start and her work was included in Issues 1 and 8. They have been a bookworm since the beginning! Reading has always been her first love. They enjoy making collages with magazines. Online editing has made this more accessible. Words, art, and fashion, are her favorite things. Iman enjoys creating looks with bold makeup and clothes. Getting ready with no place to go is one of her favorite pastimes. Just the sick life!

Web Team


Website Manager


Maggie is from Pennsylvania, USA, where she is an office assistant by day and a speculative fiction writer by night.

She loves to write fantasy stories that subvert expectations and tropes. You can find her writing on her website, Maggie’s Musings.

Maggie has depression, anxiety, and OCD. She is still learning how to manage her mental health, but she hopes that her writing can encourage others who are experiencing similar challenges.

When she isn’t writing, Maggie is either reading, watching anime, co-hosting a podcast, or escaping into video games.

Book Reviewers


Book Reviewer



Amy is a 20-something blogger from not so sunny but still quite nice Scotland. She has a progressive genetic condition that produces tumours on her nerve endings, causing a wide range of unpleasant physical symptoms. She’s obsessed with books, animals in general but especially dogs, music, Disney, and rewatching all her comfort shows on a never ending loop, even if she is also watching something new.


Book Reviewer


Phee is a 22 year old freelance writer, reviewer, and editor with several chronic illnesses, namely Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. They are also deaf, autistic and a proud lesbian.

She found Wishbone Words through a friend, and came to love the work that they do, inspiring her to work with them themselves and now continues that work with them very proudly and excitedly.

Community Engagement Team


Social Media Manager


Nina is a writer and future educator who loves giving her characters her scoliosis and spinal fusion to. Nearly a decade after her spinal fusion, she knows how hard it is to find representation of scoliosis in various media, and hopes to correct that. It’s very rare that she’s not writing, but when she isn’t, she can be found reading, cross-stitching, spending time with her friends, or learning K-Pop dances.

Nina not only hopes to become a published author of young adult novels, but she hopes those who read them find themselves in her characters or the stories.


Emails Manager and
Social Media Assistant


Aasiyah is a 23 year old, Personal Growth Life Coach, Content Creator, Poetry Writer and Digital Artist. She has been diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions since 2018 that have greatly affected her everyday life and ability to work a normal 9-5 job.

She has always wanted to pursue a career that allowed her to help others and since being diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions this passion has only increased. She has now become a qualified personal growth life coach, helping others take control of their life, helping them transform their mindset, and become the person they dream of.

She also enjoys spending time with her cats, cooking, and drawing. She is passionate about writing and creating in general. She advocates for mental health and chronic conditions and loves to just curl up with her tablet in a cozy corner.


Social Media Assistant


Luna Ferguson is a bisexual and disabled writer from the UK.

She published her debut poetry book ‘Borderline’ in June 2023, the book explores her life living with Borderline Personality Disorder through the art of poetry. Luna was also published in issue 11 of Wishbone Words!

Luna often shares insights to her disabilities and mental health diagnoses online in hopes of spreading awareness and creating a safe space for those going through the same thing.

She is a rat mom and will take any opportunity to talk about her rat babies!

The way to her heart is rats, Taylor Swift, and games.


Social Media Assistant


Sophie is a nearly 28 year old, is engaged to her soul mate, is pansexual and a Christian, and battles a vast multitude of chronic illnesses and health issues.

She loves to try to spread awareness for chronic illnesses, as well as trying to support others on their journeys with their chronic illnesses. 

Sophie is absolutely obsessed with Disney (especially ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘Lilo and Stitch’, ‘Encanto’, and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ just to name a few of her favourites), and is also a horror and true crime addict. She loves to read – albeit extremely slowly – loves to snuggle up with her furbabies and loved ones, and loves sleep. 

She’s usually found binge watching her comfort tv shows, Disney movies, or horror movies. 


Interview Coordinator and
Social Media Assistant


Erryn is a 24 year old Northern Irish filmmaker, writer, and disability advocate – she was also a well-regarded Disabled Students’ Officer for her University.

She has nearly 50 diagnosed conditions, and uses her experiences to raise awareness – she also brings attention to casual ableism, inclusive education, and interabled relationships. Her first poem with Wishbone Words was featured in Issue 11 and has encouraged her to share more of her disability-related works.

Outside of joining the team, she tutors in several subjects (specialising in working with students with learning difficulties), is a passionate volunteer, and in her spare time loves all things creative and musical theatre!


Interview Coordinator


Bio coming soon!


Graphic Designer


Rae is 35, from the south east UK and lives with multiple disorders and disabilities including FND, hEDS, PoTS, prolapsed bowel and mental health issues

She is a disabled mother and wife who spends her time advocating for disability accessibility, inclusion & awareness. Her passions and hobbies include art, fashion, and making metal free jewellery. Rae also writes her own blog My Unwired World (www.unwireddesigner.wordpress.com) where she shares her personal thoughts, opinions, and life with chronic illnesses, disorders, and disabilities.

She has a particular love for bright colours, which is shown by her hair colour, her mobility aids and her fashion style.


Social Media Assistant


Mariyah is a Disabled, Chronically ill Mother and Creator of Art.

She finds passion in artistic expression in all its forms, using her love of creation to confront internal struggles and trauma that have plagued her life.

After becoming chronically ill, she learnt the value of her health and time, deciding to leave the typical 9-5 behind.

She advocates for awareness and wellness as way to inspire others to do the same, sharing her reality to aid others in the acceptance of theirs.

She enjoys spending time with her husband, cats, and daughter, whilst fitting in bold makeup therapy, digital art, painting, and lots of reading!

The easiest way to her heart is with lots of snacks and a movie night, she will watch anything from horror to rom-coms as long as there’s good company and a soft blanket!

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