Issue 8 | October 2022

Disabled isn’t a Dirty Word

We are back with new issues and a whole lotta new team members too!

We have been working hard to cultivate diverse voices and talents and making sure your stories are heard. We would like to thank our cover artist, Sara Sousa and our back cover artist Yvie Johnson.

Issue Contributors

Sara Sousa



Jamie Martin

Lilian McCarthy

Max Gillette

Sophie Seger

Gigi Thibodeau

Zoe Simmons

Abby Moeller

Anthony Ogbonnaya Chukwu

Elinora Westfall

Geoffrey Aitken

Jerome Bergulund

Laskshmi Kumaraswamy

Lindsey Clark

Megan M. Jones

Melissa Darsey

Sofia Kioroglou

Laur Christina

Angie Ebba

April Renee

Ivan de Monbrison

Elizabeth Decker

Lydia Roseth

Scott Day

David Holdridge


Jillian Eagan

Kenneth J. Janssen

Lindsay Comer

Sadee Bee

Kay Nyx

Tim Atkinson

Rev Peter Doodles

Emma Major


Artie Carden

Yvie Johnson

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