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November 2023
Issue No. 12
155 pages

We cannot be labelled.

Redefining literary magazines by finding the beauty in disabilities and chronic illness

About this issue

Welcome to our final Issue of 2023! We are so proud of Wishbone and how far we have come in our two and a half years. Everyone who works behind-the-scenes, contributes or reads our magazine is so appreciated and loved. Going into the new year, don't forget your voice. We cannot be silenced. We cannot be labelled. You are capable of great things.

Special thanks to Georgia and Stephanie for the front and back cover art, your talent is unmatched! Plus I want to thank Samantha Renke for our lovely chat. You are truly an icon and who I want to be when I grow up (she says, a nearly 27 year old woman!)

Happy reading, and thanks for being here everyone!

Hollie xxxx

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